Thalia Stage Model
Stage model of the Thalia-Theater - Thalia Backstage - Stage model in scale of 1:25
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The concept of an experimental stage lighting console for linux
FPGA Experiments
Some of my FPGA Experiments
XILINX MIG Wrapper generator script for ZTEX USB-FPGA-1.11c
Spectral Values
Rosco E-Color spectral values in different file formats (ISO12642, html, XML)
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Some random software tools)

XILINX MIG Wrapper generator script for ZTEX USB-FPGA-1.11c

I managed to get the DDR-RAM on my ZTEX board up and running. I therefor build a small shell script and some support files that generate a MIG wrapper as a batch job. I use it to interactively generate a mig wrapper configuration based on another one and then I am able to generate the wrapper itself out of the configuration file. This is the only way to make your project using a mig wrapper open source without violating the licence. At the moment I use a shell script, but I plan to implement it as a perl script to be able to use it on Windows as well. I also managed to build a small Wishbone to MIG module.
You can Download it from here.

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