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I have ordered a "USB-FPGA-Modul 1.11c" which shall arrive this weekend. I hope it arrives in time, so I can play at the weekend.

The FPA board did arrive and it works perfectly. Here are some pictures of the stuff that arrived.
This is what arrived: Two bread-boards one pack of wires, some one row pin headers, the fpga board with a cable and connector for jtag and the adapter board.

The picture in the picture in the middle shows the bread board and the fpga board with the adapter board mounted onto a acrylic glass. I mounted one small piece on top of the fpga board to save it against electostatic shock by touching it accidentially. This was easy, as the bread boards had double-faced adhesive tape on the bottom side with the bottom side unused.
As you can see, I allready mounted an lc-display, a button and two leds.
I needed some experimenting to find out how to get a bitstream onto the device. There is some software that is not so easy to find on the ztex website. I will explain later how I got the software to talk to my board.

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